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Fursuit prices

To give an accurate quote/price, please submit a quote form by clicking on the “Quote Form” link at the top of this page. quotes take a lot of time and we are now asking £5 per character unless suggested otherwise or look for free here

Material costs depend on what you are commissioning, and how many colours of fur and fabrics are needed. These prices also do not include VAT and shipping totals (click postage and packaging for shipping details). All prices are in GBP (£uk)

Price guide!

All prices below are our starting price, if you wish to get a 100% accurate price for your costume you will need to ask for a quote, please remember to add a flat colour reference sheet.


Starting from – £450

Basic heads include –

  • foam head base
  • Standard 2D toony style eyes
  • tongue and teeth if required
  • mouth, nose, eye lining
  • balaclava
  • eye cushions
  • neck attachment

Mini Partial

Starting from – £600

Mini partials include –

  • Head (see above)
  • Hand paws (claws +£10 resin or fabric)
  • Tail up to a large (aprox 65cm)

Full Partials

Starting from – £700

Includes –

  • Head as seen above
  • Hand paws (claws not included +£10)
  • indoor Feet paws (sock paws)(claws not included +£10)
  • Tail up to large

This style of costume is intended to be worn with clothing. Price will increase with complexity of design.

Plantigrade Fullsuit and Digigrade Fullsuit

We are still practising body suits at this time and have nothing to show currently we are using migiwara cosplays pattern so please check to see if you fit into that size as of now if not you will need to send in a DTD.

plantigrade starting at £1200 (includes above items)

Digi grade starting at £1300 (includes above items)

Extra features!

head base – £50

extras go from: eyes-mouth lining-nose-horns- toungs-tape pattern

Following eyes – £40-£60

Extra chunky handpaws – all handpaws are chunky and floofy when buying a set!-£80

5 fingers £60

Hooves £65

Indoor feet paws – £150

Tail –

Nub £30

Medium £40

Large £50

Extra large tail – (depending on size)up to 6ft

Removable parts –
Tongue sets – £15 with magnets £25

Horns/antlers – £20 a pair (these cannot be removed at this time)

Wings – unavailable currently

starting – £50 (No large wings)

arm sleeves – £60 per set

Extra parts –
out door Feet paws – £200
sandals – £40 (unavailable)

Ears £30

plushes are still a work in progress

Artistic Liberty discount (10%)

An Artistic Liberty discount is a discount given to commissioners who wish to have a bit of a surprise with their finished fursuit. You may specify a keyword but you can’t be too specific, so be sure to ask whether your idea will be eligible for a discount. It’s always a surprise, and the more fun an artist has with your suit the better it’ll turn out in the end. It’s a great way to get an awesome suit at a cheaper price.

Things you could send me are:

“I want a canine. the rest is up to you!”

“I’d like something with natural colours.”

“I’d like something like a dragon/fantasy animal”

Something that would not qualify:

“I want a brown dog with white markings over the mouth and forehead. I also want a white tipped tail, pink paw pads, brown eyes, and finished paw bottom feet”

  • Absolutely NO reference pictures should be provided in your application.
  • This discount is only available if the commission includes a head, at least.
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