Please read through our FAQ and T&C if you have a question that is not covered on either of these pages feel free to contact us via facebook, Instagram or email FeelingFluffyfursuits@gmail.com

Is the fur on the costumes real?

no the fur we use is faux fur this is not real animal fur and is made of plastic fibres.We only use luxury and high quality furs.

Do you do realistic fursuits?

not currently sorry

Do you have any animals on the premise?

Yes, two dogs. If you have a pet allergy please be aware that we cannot guarantee the dog or fur coming in contact with the costume.

Do you offer head base only commissions?

yes we sell a range of head bases with the option of including extras such as eyes and pre lined

Can you make a suit of a copyrighted character?

No, characters must be owned by yourself otherwise it can cause copy Wright problems for both of us Sorry!

What are your head bases made of?

We use foam and glue to make the head bases

Can you make a suit in the same style as another maker?

This depends please send in a quote for more info, if you like a particular makers style however its probably best to commission them.

Do you smoke or vape?

No smoke free zone

How old do I have to be to buy a suit?

under 18’s can not legally enter a contract to pay for their commission because of this we do not accept commissions from anyone under 18 however you are aloud to ask a parent to buy one for you.

How long have you been making suits?

Since November 2019 were still learning but we have come so far!

Can you match any colour of my reference sheet?

Unfortunately furs don’t come in all the colours and/or the fur is out of your price range! However, we will work with you to try find a close match.

Were do you get your fur?

UK sights such as mohair bear making supplies

Is shipping included?

Shipping for your suit will be calculated after completion, if you are ordering outside the UK please be aware of your countries customs tax as this can add an additional cost when entering your country.

Will you lower the price for me?

I’m afraid not we do offer discounts, give-aways and payment plans

I wear glasses can I wear a head with them?

Yes! we can change the head base to fit your glasses in.Please be aware your glasses may fog up whilst in suit so take breaks often.

How long does it take to make a suit?

I usually work on 2-4 commissions at the same time depending on our commission list, if I have more than 2 commissions in my queue the waiting time until your suit is finished can be up to 5 months . this can change depending on the commission for example (full suit or hand paws) During the process, I provide work in progress and updates.

Do you do airbrush work?

Not at this time, all markings are sewn for a long lasting suit.

Where are you located?

Hampshire, UK

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